How to Keep HER Interested

After Nima’s post last week on how to keep guys interested – deleshoon bekhad – I think it’s high time someone spelled it out for all the men in our lives who seem to only know how to complain about women.

Women are so confusing.”

Um no.


Big shout out to our joons who contributed via Twitter! 

We’re sick of hearing about how girls are cray. So we’re here to help the boys out. Give them some of the basics so they can stop being so basic.

1. Ask her questions.

Yes, we already know you have a job (hopefully), and that you’re a potential catch. But don’t forget that you’re on a date with us… not with yourself. No hos to hear your life story on a first date.


2. Just be cool.

Dating is definitely a source of anxiety. Believe me, we feel it too. But can we not be Persian-old-school about it? If the point of dating is to get to know one another then why would you not keep it real? Forget about your “image” and the “game.” We’re not as interested in your house, car, or mom.

(@prrrsiankitten) and (@melissaetehad)

3. Bathe… and notice that we bathed too.


You are lying if you think there is no vanity in dating. We made an effort to look for nice for you. So notice. Say something. We notice you. And we say things…


4.  Just be cool, part 2.

Basically, don’t be so thirsty. You don’t like desperate girls, we don’t like desperate guys.


5. Don’t be disrespectful towards your exes.

If we’re going to date you and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, it will be a lot harder to not get crazy if we know how much sh*t you’ll be talking. Plus it’s tacky. Why does the “ex talk” even have to happen until absolutely necessary?

(@politicallyaff) and (@dokhtar110)

There you go, boys. The survey results are in. Not as hard as you make it out to be.

What dating tips are we missing?

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  1. i’m not sure how many girls agree or disagree with these points. i’m gonna float them past some regulars of mine and i’ll get back to you. i will more than gladly, however, give you my 2 rials in reply to these.

    1. Ask her questions.
    – see, you can’t just say that and expect me not to smirk. ask her questions? man, i was once on a date and everything was as smooth as my face (i shave for dates) and i put some really casual questions to her, hobbies, university, tv shows, etc, things to gauge if we have anything in common… 3 questions in and nothing in common, she literally says to me, “are you like a cop or something? what’s with all the questions?” i shudder to think how bad that date would have gone if she was roon.
    2. Just be cool.
    4. Just be cool, part 2.
    – absolutely_haram.jpg. this ain’t 1950 when i can be chivalrous and be appreciated for my chivalry, this is now, the ugly, post-feminist now where men are the people’s enemy and source of all of women’s problems, like MENstruation, MENopause, MENtal illness, etc. no, i’ll stick to using game and mind games, trust me, you like it better that way anyway. heh, trust a woman to tell a man how to please her only for that dumbfounded look on the man’s face when he does everything on her list in the nicest way possible and gets vip entry to the friendzone.
    3. Bathe… and notice that we bathed too.
    – this is just silly. should i congratulate you on being able to tie your shoe laces also? where’s my pat on the back for not wearing my shirt inside out?
    5. Don’t be disrespectful towards your exes.
    – there is never a time, or a place, where exes should be discussed. it is never absolutely necessary.

    having read nima’s article and commented on it, and having just done so with farrah’s, i can only assume you joonies have had some seriously tragic relationship moments. perhaps both sides, in certain circumstances, need to lower that limbo bar labelled “extremely high standards and expectations” just a teeny bit. my friends and i learned long ago that the disney aladdin fairytale ending ain’t happening. all the prince alis and jasmines are long gone. i just got back from a movie date with a girl i really like, and i’m pretty sure she really likes me too, we watched bad neighbors and had a great time. there are things about both of us that are extremely messed up, but there’s no disqualification up front.

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi




  1. […] A few weeks ago, Nima gave the ladies some tips on how to keep a guy interested.  This week, the tables are turned. It’s about time guys learned how to keep HER interested. […]

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