Everything You Missed | The Weekly Roundup

This was a pretty eventful week so don’t miss a thing:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 5.31.08 PM

  • Introducing the hottest Iranian soccer players around because once you go Persian, there’s no other version.
  • Living and surviving white culture. No sorry, white/straight/male/privilege culture.
  • An Iranian American’s struggle with cancer — and dealing with the possibility of never having children.
  • Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif poses with Iran’s #WORLDCUP2014 soccer team. EY VAL!
  • A roundtrip flight from LA to Dubai on Emirates’ super-jumbo jet costs more than a house in Kentucky.
  • 33 Misconceptions Men Have About Women’s Bodies” is actually pretty horrifying.
  • Women in Iran are taking off their hijab… and letting freedom reign.
  • A Throwback Dance Party in Tehran – with Lil Jon and hammer pants. #swag
  • Where do people have the best sex? Not in America.

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