I’m Graduating… Now What?

I am g-g-graduating! The feeling is insane as it’s just now starting to sink in. However, I haven’t felt this great this semester. Actually, it has been one of the most stressful periods of my college career because I’ve had to come to terms with what I really want to do with the rest of my life.



My double-major is in Marketing and International Business and even though it’s interesting to me…

I’ve always dreamt of being an actress and a writer.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved performing, anything creative—acting, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, you name it. I loved being the center of attention (and still do, haha!). I am a firm believer in the notion that

you only live once, so you must attempt to do what you really love.

There’s just one little problem: My Persian parents don’t really support it… or at least they didn’t.



I remember always having to fight until I was in tears to be allowed to audition for the school play, or tearfully accept that I couldn’t audition for productions at my ballet school. It wasn’t that my parents were against me performing, they love going to shows/movies and enjoy not just the Persian arts, but from around the world.

They just didn’t want me wasting my time.

They weren’t cool with 9-hour-a-week rehearsals that would only increase as it got closer to the performance dates. The spring shows at my ballet school were always at a time when I “should be focusing on the OGTs/ACTs/some kind of important exam,” so naturally, my free time was to be studying for those.

Yes, I understood that school always came first and that my parents didn’t just work hard coming to America for me to be unsuccessful. But when you have a passion, it cannot be avoided. I managed to squeeze my way into many productions: I performed in the Nutcracker every December and did a string of high school productions.

I also want to point out that it was my mom who took me to every dance/piano class, rehearsal, and often switched to “yes” with a little convincing. Now, she gets excited when I tell her about a new project that I’m working on.

Baba joon is harder to convince. When I entered college while living at home, I focused more on student films rather than theater. My dad’s concern became less about taking up too much time and more about content.

“Have you read de escript? You don’t know vat people vill do vith this video.” Or “I tink you should focus on business-related extracurricular instead.”



Good thing I didn’t need a parent signature. I continued to perform whenever I had the chance (singing, film, theater—even a show completely in Farsi). Now I’m about to graduate, realizing that I know more people in Film and Communications majors than in Business. I’m at a huge crossroad in my life.

Do I continue on to graduate school? In Business or in Film? Do I get a job? Should I just go for it and get an agent?

Baba joon has now slowly begun to accept my passions and that regardless of whether not I make it, I always spend my free time pursuing artistic endeavors. Even if they never accept it, I still love my parents dearly and know that they only want what’s best for me. Education is a very important value, but we also cannot forget art.

My question is:

Have any of you ever experienced having a passion for something that your parents didn’t approve of? If so, how did you deal with it?





SARAH سارا

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  1. Hennettii says:

    Yeah I’m African my mom says she would disown me if I became an actress but she’s coming around

  2. @Hennettii,
    lol the important thing is that she’s coming around! It just takes a lot of persistence and eventually, they’ll accept it :) Thanks for reading!

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