#TeamMelli vs. Argentina: The Highlights

The game ended 1-0 in favor of Argentina — but Team Melli played their hearts out with all odds against them.

This was a must-watch game.

Again, we asked our joonies to send us photos of their team spirit and they didn’t disappoint.

We were all celebrating Team Melli around the world.

One word: defense.

They are now the top defending team, according to FIFA.


two words: shady ref.

Source: Iran Wire

Source: Iran Wire

But Team Melli maintained their sportsmanship.

Because they’re awesome.

Even after this happened.


But we’re in awe of Team Melli.

They defended against one of the best football players in the world (what a Messi). He couldn’t get one goal in till the 90th minute.

That’s enough cause for celebration. And Iranians everywhere wore their pride out loud.

They were screaming in the streets of Iran.

In Brazil:

The face paint was on point.

Source @pedestrian

Source @pedestrian

Flags were flying everywhere.

Source: yahoo

Source: yahoo

The food was delish.

(Sorry Argentina, none for you). 

Source: @peyvazzzin

Source: @peyvazzzin

But most of all, there was unity. We were with Team Melli.

Team Melli Goalie Daniel Davari Hugs Alireza Haghighi post-Argentina game.

Team Melli Goalie Daniel Davari Hugs Alireza Haghighi post-Argentina game.

 You know President Rouhani and Javad Zarif aren’t playin:

Oh but they’re watching.

From Farrah and Saaghi:

Bosnia best be ready because…

Made by @Saaghi_Joon

Made by @Saaghi_Joon

JOONS, comment with your photos and tweets of support to #TeamMelli.

(Iran vs. Bosnia is on Wednesday, June 25 at noon EST). 


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  1. Persian-Guy says:

    Iran pissed me off in the world cup against Argentina. You hold them off an entire 90 minutes AND THEN you let them score a goal? WTF! I was very disappointed :/

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