Manly Nose Monday

For this edition of #ManlyNoseMonday we have some nose-y Iranian and non-Iranian actors.

But have you ever seen a manlier nose than this? Guess who it belongs to.

source: celebstoner

source: celebstoner

(Revealed at the end.)

Amir Arison

tall, dark and schnozzy. Loving it.

source: zimbio

source: zimbio

Bahram Radan

Jesus never looked so good.

source: flixster

source: flixster


Haaz Sleiman

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 4.48.41 PM


Liam Neeson

liam nee

Arian Moayed

source: NBC

source: NBC

And finally, if you didn’t guess before, that nose belongs to..


owen wilson

What other actors would you add?


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  1. You cannot forget about David Gandy, his looks are the epitome of masculinity; embodied by his Large Nose and Thick eyebrows. The icon of fashion at the moment..

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