About S&F JOON.

S&F Joon (‘/s-an-ef  ‘jōōn/’): noun;

1. a blog that attempts to shatter taboos by sharing raw and uncensored experiences .

2. a writing collective where no topic is prohibited, and the forbidden is encouraged.

What you’ll find on this blog will be labeled under five different categories – here’s what each of them mean:

Sex and Joon: Friend fuck ups, actual fuck ups, good sex, bad sex, you name it. We all need a little sex and joon in our lives. 

Immigrant ProblemsGot Parents with an accent? Don’t understand white people? Does your food smell up the Office fridge? Then this category is your refuge. We feel you.
Pop Orient – Pop culture meets orientalism meets our first-generation angst & turmoil. Opinions on everything from the news to the meaning of life.
Interviews: We find people who motivate and inspire us and then it gets intimate. We don’t censor our interview questions just to make sure we get the good stuff.

Guest Joons: Tired of Saaghi and Farrah? Don’t worry, we’re not the only voices on this blog. Meet our joonies – they’re who keep us going anyway. 

We plan to push boundaries by shamelessly sharing our stories/escapades.  If you would like to submit a story, please contact us here or email us at  We do have anonymous writers if you wish to share your story without fear that your Persian parents might find out.

Follow us on Twitter @Sex_Fessenjoon



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