About Sex and Fessenjoon

What do sex and fessenjoon have in common?  Slightly addictive and a guilty pleasure with every extra serving.  So here’s to eating the whole plate…
Pushing the envelope one ingredient at a time…

We plan to push boundaries by shamelessly sharing OUR stories/escapades.  If you would like to submit a story, please email us at  We do have anonymous writers if you wish to share your story without fear that your Persian parents might find out.

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  1. fulltimegangsta says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Your blog is awesome <3

    Check out the details here

  2. I read your blog and its very interesting . I am going to speak on a very neutral yet Islamic and cultural point of view due to the fact I have studied it for over 14 years. The Iranian culture how it was involved leads a lot further back to a point almost where we can not trace. I dont want to get into that as much right now but really touch base with the religion topic. You mentioned a Muslim women being with a Hindu man. Well if you have been in tuned with Islam and the Quran and have read the Quran then you as well as the rest of the world will know what all the Islamic scholars know as well. As a Muslim women who believes in the religion then you would know that its forbidden in Islam to be with a Kuffar. Saying one is a Muslim yet you end up with a man of another faith goes against what the Quran (Words of God) has mentioned. Now you could choose to create your own version of the religion or you can choose to face the facts of the Quran which is written. Unlike the Bible the Muslims do not create new testaments or version of the Quran. There is one and only one which every muslim follows. So that being said If you do choose to be with a none muslim then you technically according to the Quran would not be considered a Muslim because you would be committing a permanent sin do to the fact your continuing the relationship. Now you can disagree with the words i have said or you can choose to go to a Mosque and speak to an Islamic scholar and see what they say. Anyways I respect your work and everything you’ve done so far on the website. Take Care :)

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