How to Keep HER Interested

After Nima’s post last week on how to keep guys interested – deleshoon bekhad – I think it’s high time someone spelled it out for all the men in our lives who seem to only know how to complain about women.

Women are so confusing.”

Um no.


Big shout out to our joons who contributed via Twitter! 

We’re sick of hearing about how girls are cray. So we’re here to help the boys out. Give them some of the basics so they can stop being so basic.

1. Ask her questions.

Yes, we already know you have a job (hopefully), and that you’re a potential catch. But don’t forget that you’re on a date with us… not with yourself. No hos to hear your life story on a first date.


2. Just be cool.

Dating is definitely a source of anxiety. Believe me, we feel it too. But can we not be Persian-old-school about it? If the point of dating is to get to know one another then why would you not keep it real? Forget about your “image” and the “game.” We’re not as interested in your house, car, or mom.

(@prrrsiankitten) and (@melissaetehad)

3. Bathe… and notice that we bathed too.


You are lying if you think there is no vanity in dating. We made an effort to look for nice for you. So notice. Say something. We notice you. And we say things…


4.  Just be cool, part 2.

Basically, don’t be so thirsty. You don’t like desperate girls, we don’t like desperate guys.


5. Don’t be disrespectful towards your exes.

If we’re going to date you and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, it will be a lot harder to not get crazy if we know how much sh*t you’ll be talking. Plus it’s tacky. Why does the “ex talk” even have to happen until absolutely necessary?

(@politicallyaff) and (@dokhtar110)

There you go, boys. The survey results are in. Not as hard as you make it out to be.

What dating tips are we missing?

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National Persian Gulf Day

Happy National Persian Gulf Day!

The Persian Gulf – comes through the Strait of Hormoz and separates Iran from the Arabian peninsula – has been pretty controversial for decades. People aren’t always so cool with the name –  Arabian Gulf/the Gulf. 

But Persian Gulf is like a national holiday.

an Iranian national holiday… 

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island/wikipedia

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island/wikipedia

History agrees.

On maps printed before 1960, the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula, was labeled as the Persian Gulf: 

Source: GeoGarage

Source: GeoGarage

Arab countries called it the Persian Gulf

until 1960:

A Saudi ARAMCO map from 1952 using the term "Persian Gulf"

A Saudi ARAMCO map from 1952 using the term “Persian Gulf”/wikipedia

The U.N. also recognizes that beautiful body of water as the Persian Gulf.

Hormoz Island, Iran

Hormoz Island, Iran

Do we really need to go on?

The point here is that…

the Persian Gulf really is a sight to be seen and appreciated.

Instead of dwelling on a name. 

Celebrating National Persian Gulf Day in Iran/Payvand

Celebrating National Persian Gulf Day in Iran/Payvand

We prefer to stick with history.

But until everyone gets on board with normalcy, we’ll celebrate by staring at photos all day long.

Sand Carpet, Hormoz Island/Panoramio

Sand Carpet, Hormoz Island/Panoramio

Should we stick to the Persian Gulf? Let us know!

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Must See Iran

Iranian (American) Twitter users have been sharing photos of Iran while using #MustSeeIran. With President Rouhani promising to open up the country to tourism and letting the world tap into everything Iran has to offer (and ultimately creating a new source of income for Iranians)… this campaign couldn’t have come at a better time (what a well laid plan).

If the photos didn’t convince anyone of the necessity to travel to Iran ASAP then we feel sorry for (wo)mankind.

Tons of photos were shared and here are some of our favorites:

Chogha Zanbil, Khuzestan

Ancient Elamite complex. Basket Mound. First historical site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

 For all the ski lovers out there…

Source: @AtiehS

Source: @AtiehS

Shemshak, Tehran (province)

Second largest ski resort in Iran. For advanced skiers only – don’t get over-excited.

Shazdeh Garden, Kerman

Literally meaning “Prince” Garden. We imagine a garden growing endless numbers of princes. Plus it was built for a Qajar prince. (+++)

Tomb of Hafiz, Shiraz

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz

 In addition to culture and history, Iran can offer nature nuts a pretty package too:

Lar Dam, Damavand Mountains, Mazandaran

Where did you think the water in Tehran came from?


Masouleh, Gilan Province

Masouleh’s taking it way back to 10th century AD.


Salt caves south of Iran.

The world’s longest salt cave is located in Qeshm.


Who said you need to cut trees to create beautiful architecture?

Most importantly…

Eat Dizin.


And lastly, for when your brochure fails you…

What places would you recommend tourists to visit in Iran?

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I’m Not Crazy Because I’m Persian

I love everything about being Persian and I feel like everyone else should love it too. So you can imagine my surprise when other people react to my Persian-ness with Oh you’re Persian? I hear Persian girls are crazy.  


I usually meet those responses with a small laugh and a do you know any Persian girls? Either I want them to realize they know like one Persian girl or I’m shrugging it off.

Who gave the impression that Persian girls are crazy?

Persian girls aren’t crazy, we just hold people accountable for their actions.

I don’t know if it’s our upbringing (manners manners manners) or what – but when I look at my Persian friends (and myself), I feel like we all carry that no bullsh*t attitude pretty seriously.

And yes, I will admit that sometimes our response to bullsh*t is a few choice words (or slaps) directed at the wrong-doer. It’s for our own benefit really, our sanity – you need to know what/how we’re feeling.

Getting hurt already sucks, but when the other person doesn’t realize the significance of their actions – it’s frustrating.

rudeWhen it comes to relationships, I don’t actually believe that anything can be one person’s fault. (except maybe cheating… MAYBE). I just think that if a girl is getting “crazy,” it’s usually because it’s the guy/girl making her crazy. (this guy told me that – which proves this theory).

When I look at my past broken friendships or failed relationships, I don’t really know what happened. I know what I did wrong in some of those situations, but I don’t really know how the other person felt or what they wanted. And yes, when a person can’t be honest about their feelings or intentions – I guess you could say it makes me “crazy.” But if that’s crazy, then what’s normal? Not caring?


If you think I’m crazy based on my race, I’m going to think you’re crazy for being stupid.

I’m just not sure if I buy the whole it’s a Persian girl thing. 

Are you crazy because you’re Persian?






Iconic Iranian Caricatures

Mohammad Ali Ziaei

Caricature artist.

No one is off limits – Iranian artists and politicians, and certainly people in the wild wild west.

Major shout-out to ReorientMag for bringing this genius to our attention.

Hilarity ensues.


Mohsen Namjoo.

Otherwise known as Iran’s “Bob Dylan,” he’s inspired by Blues, Rock, and Iranian folk music



The Queen of Pop.

Sorry Britney… Madonna?


Sadegh Hedayat.

Fearless writer — Iranian by heritage. Censored for life (and death).

Most(ish) known for The Blind Owl:

“I had no desire to touch her; the invisible beams that emanated from our bodies and mingled were sufficient for me. Isn’t this terrifying experience which seemed so familiar to met quite the same as the feelings of two lovers who feel that they have known each other before and that a mysterious relationship has previously existed between them? Was it possible that someone else could affect me?”


Qajar Dynasty.

Enough said.


Amir Abbas Hoveyda

Served as Iran’s Prime Minister from 1965 to 1977.

That flower looks like a …


Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Perk up people. Why so mad?

On to more internationally known peeps…



Also known as Pixar’s latest creation.

And because you know how much Persians love fashion…


Donatella Versace.

(Possible PSA against plastic surgery).

One more for the road…


President Rouhani

Check out more of Mohammad’s caricatures by clicking here.



Which one’s your favorite? 

Iranian Cafes Also Found In… India?

You already know we’re obsessed with Persian food. (all food really). And obviously, the highest concentration of Iranian restaurants/cafes/hookah bars/etc. outside of Iran are in TEHRANGELES.

But what about the rest of the world?

We came across some “Irani cafes” located in Mumbai. Apparently a dying breed… :(

The rise of Persian immigrants to India in 18th and 19th century paved the way for these gems:

Britannia & Co.

Founded in 1923. Came from the bottom of the block, until it was one of the first to receive heritage status in the area.

You know it’s for real when Queen Elizabeth visits the cafe.

bomanPlus it’s as packed as our grandmother’s sofreh at lunchtime.

One table open! Quick!

Kyani & Co.

Founded in 1904. It may be an oldie, but apparently – it’s still a goodie.

Golden sponge cake? Fiery Ginger Biscuit? That’s okay.

It’s Persian if it’s baked in a “wood-fire oven.”

If you’re craving watermelons… you know where to go – Kyani & Co.


Of course we have to give a shout-out to…

Sassanian Boulangerie.

Named after the Sassanid Empire. Obviously. And established in 1913 – these cafes are probably older than you… and your parents.


The best part of this cafe: the writings on the wall. Photos of Iranian historical monuments decorate the walls.



Check out more Irani cafes in Mumbai by clicking here.

What are your favorite Iranian cafes OUTSIDE of Iran? Drop us a line!

Iranian Artists Graffiti My Heart

We love art. Especially when art is sharing a forbidden message. An ode to our favorite graffiti artists  (and a special introduction to someone new): 


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Stencil artist born in Tabriz, Iran… and now they’re addressing social global issues around the world through their work in cities like LA, Chicago, New Orleans, and their new home base: BROOKLYN – without fear of being charged with…


Manhattan, NY

Manhattan, NY

Their signature stencil: the walking boy. Which ICY and SOT use to represent the children of Iran, trying to remain children despite the fact that their innocence is tested everyday.


Tabriz, Iran

ICY and SOT:

Most of our work is about the experiences we’ve had, but our work is not just about Iran; it’s global.”

Bronx, NY

Bronx, NY

To these incredible artists, what doesn’t kill you only makes you strongerAnd we’re so grateful that your art will continue and will undoubtedly speak to many generations of Iranians… and Americans. 

Make Art Not War

Make Art Not War

These artists scream peace, love, war, hate, hope, despair, children, human rights…

Tabriz, Iran

Tabriz, Iran

Also, they really nailed the Persian/hipster look… and we’re down with it.

Brothers ICY and SOT. Photo credit: Vanity Fair

Brothers ICY and SOT. Photo credit: Vanity Fair

We’re not done…


Her latest project is all about female empowerment: 

“Stop Telling Women to Smile.”

Deanna, Chicago, 2013

Deanna, Chicago, 2013

This project strives to address gender based street harassment and consists of portraits of women who share their untold stories of harassment with everyone – even if they don’t care to listen.


She’s half Black and half Iranian. And she’s not afraid to share what’s on her mind.

The Roots Mural

The Roots Mural

Are we missing your favorite artist? Share away… we’re always stalking.




I Love and Hate Dating White Boys

I really try not to discriminate: Asian, Black, Mexican, Persian obviously, and Sefeed – you name it, I’ve tried it. And as much as I prefer Persian, you have to work with what you’re surrounded with. Especially on the east coast… which is 90% white.


Looking back at my dating history with white guys, I’ve come to realize that there are certain things I really love about dating them… and some things I just can’t stand. And somehow it’s all interchangeable… 

Hate: They can’t speak Farsi. This mostly bothers me because…

there are some things you just can’t translate into English.

Like khak to saret. You know, those fighting words that really drive your point in an argument. “A**hole” doesn’t carry the same weight as some choice words in Farsi. Alternatively, what’s the English version of “ghorboonet beram?” 

Love: They can’t speak Farsi. Leaving plenty of room for secret conversations right in front of them… since they can’t understand. I know it’s mean, but mostly helpful when you want to fill in your friend about the sex last night and he’s not leaving the room.

smileHate: Dating someone outside of your culture requires you to be a teacher 24/7. Why does your mom burn that herb? (esphand). Sometimes, I don’t want to have to explain the quirks (aka normalcy) of my family…

Sometimes I just want to be with someone who isn’t continuously thinking that my family is weird.

Because they’re not. And esphand is a necessity.

Love: Dating someone outside of your culture also allows you to share a new experience with them. And let’s be real, those experiences are pretty memorable. Dancing at a mehmooni? And, sometimes you learn something new from them too. I would’ve never known shuffleboard was a real game if it hadn’t been for some white guy forcing me to play.

Love: They know how to plan a romantic date. Walk along the beach, stroll through the DC monuments late at night, hold your hand in a scary movie.

dateHate: At the end of the day, Persian guys know all the Persian girl standards/tendencies (mostly) without you having to spell it out for them. And white guys don’t. That’s just reality.

Every Persian girl expects some variation of princess whether they like to admit it or not.

Hate: Tarof. You cannot Tarof with white people period. They do not understand what Tarof is.

Love: You learn how to stop Tarof’ing (to an extent). 

And finally, I hate the generalizations that are made of Persians when white guys have one Irooni girl under their belt. As if, we are all the same. But I guess my hatred towards their generalizations makes this post the most hypocritical one ever.

I’m not sorry.

Do you have a different experience with dating white guys?






Persian Food Gone Rogue

 We love our Fessenjoon (duh). Ghormeh Sabzi. Chelo kabob. Gheymeh. Kotlet… and this list really could go on forever.

Nothing beats Persian food.

Some people love a little creativity in their lives, and we support that.

Did someone order a Ghormeh Sabzi sushi role?

Or maybe the Ghormeh Sabzi pizza. Substitute a little polo with bread and cheese… and you get this:

Who knew Ghormeh Sabzi could be so versatile?

pizA little Fessenjoon pizza?

Source: My Jerusalem Kitchen (sorry).

Source: My Jerusalem Kitchen (sorry).

Personally, we think Americans really need to start adding KETCHUP to their pizzas… one day.


Persian pizza: check. Where’s the Ketchup?

This one might be a little blurry, but if the pizza fails you, at least you can have Chelo Kabob TACOS with a pinch of rice and a tortilla bread.

We have to wonder whether the stick of butter is still used for the rice. Could this be a healthier option?

persian And don’t worry, you have options. The Persian Taco Trio:

(1). Chicken with Yogurt Marinate (aka mast)

(2). Abgoosht Lamb Taco

(3). Vegetarian Kofta Kabob….

Our moms would probably not approve of the vegetarian option.


Source: Culinary Trends

Not down with the taco? Kabob Burgers.

Come to mama.


Who isn’t open to a little food experimentation?

We can’t help but feel a little thankful that a Fessenjoon hot dog doesn’t exist… yet. But gotta give props to the fusion persuasion.

Are you down for a Ghormeh Sabzi Sushi Roll? Let us know!



Ali is A Fashion Icon

Ali knows suits. Suits of all kinds.

Fancy suits.


Ali pairs suits with fur.

A little something to keep him warm through the brutal Germany winter.


Ali knows how to match.

Forget black on black, it’s all about the red on red these days.

ali1 Ali can go hard.

He wears his gold chain down low and watch it wobble to da flo.

(Translation: wobble to THE FLOOR).


Ali’s mastered the hand on hip pose.

Ladies, take note.


Ali knows how to accessorize. 

You know it’s time to step up your game when Ali’s sporting the Ray-Bans.


Thanks Ali. For showing us what a true fashion icon is all about:

Sass. Class. And a little pop.


For more on Ali’s swag, click here.

What look do you think Ali wore best? Let us know here.

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