FARRAH / فرح


My name is really not Farrah. I’m usually pretty awkward…

No one cool grew up in my hometown… minus my friends #TrueStory

3 Words that Describe Me: According to my Persian mother “Shelakhteh (unorganized). Moody. ShouldhavebeenBLONDE.”

I LOVE: Pixar, tall guys, and obviously Sex&Fessenjoon.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Noon-panir with hot sauce.

My Ideal Man: Alexander Skarsgard + Amir K. + Drake

If My Family Knew I Wrote this Blog, They Would Say: “Khoda margam bede.” (Trans.: God, give me death).

My Biggest Fears: Plane crashes, spiders, never eating my madar’s cooking again

Phrases I Say Most: ‘Wait, what’ … ‘Let’s be real’ …’I know, right’

My Friends Describe Me As : “As sweet as a creme puff, unapologetically blunt, and always down for nacho fries.”

I Will Never Have Sex With You If: you have fingernails, you cry, or you’re skinnier than me. These are absolutely NON-negotiable.

Turn Ons: Aggressive, Dark, and Arms.

I’m a PISCES. It’s true, we’re freaks.



  1. pprangnekar says:

    Hello! I love your website and the blogs.

    I have a question of my own: If a persian woman who’s having an informal party at her house, as the evening progresses, says to her friend (a non-persian man): “i will honor you” and begins dancing around and for him to an arabic/persian song… what is the implication of this from her cultural standpoint? I am not looking for any hidden meaning, but just a cultural interpretation that doesn’t come naturally to a non-persian.

    Pls. let me know!


  2. i think you should add an aquarius to your set….p.s how do you and saghi get along she is fire you’re water…..luv you eshghs ;)

  3. wait – i love sex and fessen joon

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