SAAGHI / ساقی


My name is really not Saaghi. I do not like writing about myself very much.

I went to the same Elementary School as Keanu Reeves. #TrueStory

3 Words that Describe Me: According to my Persian father “Irresponsible. Disrespectful. NOTadoctor”

I LOVE: Disney Movies, guys with a NapoleonComplex, and of course Sex&Fessenjoon.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Mast-o-Moosir paired with Flaming Hot Cheetos.

My Ideal Man: Jon Stewart +Edward Norton + Dr.Dre

If My Family Knew I Wrote this Blog, They Would Say: “Khak bar saremoon” (Trans: Dirt on our heads.)

My Biggest Fears: Being buried alive, being hairy, and never eating Kabob again

Phrases I Say Most: ‘WTF’ … ‘Wait, I’m Confused’ …’Fck yeah, Brah’

My Friends Describe Me As : “insanely compulsive, neurotic, and doesn’t respond well to unresponsiveness

I Will Never Have Sex With You If: your nails are dirty, your fingers are feminine, or you have back hair. All else is negotiable.

Turn Ons: Biting, Scruff, and Dirty Talk.

I’m a LEO. Hear me roar!



  1. you girls are so relatable and this blog/website is SO great. I don’t have an older sister/cousin/role model and it’s nice to read this to hear your views on more modern issues that I can’t talk to my mother about. thanks for keeping it real ladies

  2. karaj boys. Very love u.

  3. Amir Hossein says:

    when you’r getting twisted with somebody to have sex with, do you really care about his NAILs are clean or what?!! and if it wasn’t clean, do you really leave … ?!!! (and i can imagine you are like; GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU DIRTY NAIL)

    I think you never had sex before …

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