If I Was Your Boyfriend

Hi joonjoons,

I’ve had an interesting week… to say the least (F#ck, it’s only Tuesday).  I’ve been catching up with some old college friends and it’s been a little disappointing.

Let me recap.

One of my friends has been calling me a lot recently- during work hours, late at night (I’m three hours ahead yo- don’t forget that sh*t), all day err day.  I finally had a chance to call her back to make sure everything was okay.

When your friend is calling you that excessively, it’s usually because someone DIED.

Luckily, that was not the case.  Instead, she had to gush all about her new relationship, which hey- that’s awesome.

I’m all for supporting my friends no matter what crazy shit they get into.

But please don’t call me in the middle of the night about it- just saying.  I don’t enjoy being woken up, especially when you’re trying to obsess about how much you love some guy I’ve never heard you talk about.

Halfway through the conversation, my friend says: “I just love him so much.”

“Umm you mean like his personality or actually love him?”

“No, I really love him.”

Oh, did I mention that they’ve been together for three weeks?

I consider “love” to be a pretty serious emotion and so when I hear someone who claims to be “IN love,” I imagine that they’ve probably established a solid foundation to their relationship.

Call me crazy, but I personally don’t believe that it is possible to be in love after being with someone for less than a month.

You might think it’s love, but really, it’s excitement/overstimulation aka LUST.

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