I’ll Hit You


I feel like it’s been awhile– I’ve been having withdrawals.  I need to speak to some people who can relate to how I feel- who understand what it’s like to have Persian parents.

My NON-Persian friends just don’t get it.  They don’t get why in my mid-20s, I still have to ask my parents for permission to do certain things.  When it comes to certain life decisions, I can’t just decide that “I’m going to do this…” without having to deal with backlash from my parents.


Moving away from my hometown required me to give a presentation to my father on all the benefits of taking an unpaid internship.  And while I like to think that I’ve risen against and surpassed a lot of my parent’s “requirements,” the harsh reality is that I have to run every decision by them first.

I really feel like your 20’s are your transitional period.  You have to make mistakes and learn from them…  you have to experiment and do things that you normally wouldn’t because you just can’t away with those kind of actions in your 30’s and 40’s.

And I’m not always referring to partying or sex (shocker I know).

I’m talking about going abroad.  Or moving to a completely different city where you don’t know anyone.  I’m talking about taking advantage of opportunities that are available to you that wouldn’t be as easily acceptable if you ARE in your 40’s.

You shouldn’t be settled in your 20’s… that comes later.   [Read more…]

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