FAMOUS FARRAH: Love, Family, and the Internet

When ‘Famous Farrah’ started popping up around the web, I knew I had to learn more. Some girl with my name is FAMOUS? Who is this? Imagine my surprise when this totally bad ass Iranian American, Kathreen Khavari, came up on YouTube starring in a hilarious web-series. I started watching and immediately, I found myself clicking to the next episode. The worst part about this show is having to wait for the next one. Seriously, I couldn’t get enough.   

Famous Farrah has a unique take on a story that many of us are familiar with – pursuing your dreams despite what obstacles stand in your way. Kathreen and the rest of the cast have truly nailed it on the head with this one and we’re so excited to share this interview with you. Introducing Kathreen, talented, smart, and the lead on the show! Make sure you check out the episodes below too – SO EFFING FUNNY.

xo, Farrah 

– Where did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in Oakland, California. I went to college in that area for undergrad and went to London for graduate school. I left again when I moved to New York.

– What was living in London like? 

It was absolutely amazing. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s just really cosmopolitan and there are so many great, interesting people that are living there. It’s expensive and I was on a budget the whole time, but it was totally worth it.


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