A Tale of Sexting and Marriage

Good morning (at least by my time)

I’m going to keep the thread sex-related, but with a different angle.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

If you have no idea who these people are, here’s a brief synopsis:

Weiner was a popular NY congressman, married to Hilary Clinton-aide Huma Abedin (Interfaith marriage what up). Weiner gets caught in sexting scandals, penis pictures follow. He resigns. Huma sticks around.

Now, professing changed ways, Weiner’s running for mayor. More sexting scandals. More penis pictures. Huma’s sticking by her man.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

Watching the elegant Huma Abedin stand next to her man Tuesday as he explained his latest sexually charged online exchanges was painful for a normal human being to watch.

It pains me that the spotlight turns to the wrong person, in all of this. Anthony Weiner is responsible for his actions. and Huma Abedin is entitled to her own decisions. The media’s desire to push Weiner out of the race, and Huma out of a marriage– bewilder me.

Why is the woman cast as a helpless victim here? What bothers us so much about a wife who decides to stick around? (ex: Hilary Clinton)

When a man is unfaithful, he’s ruined the commitment and trust that is between his significant other and him. In my opinion, its a serious offense, but for women, unfortunately it comes tainted with some other types of inner battles. “Did I do something wrong?” “Could I be better in bed?” “Have I let myself ago?” [Read more…]

Put A Cookie in the Douchebag Jar


T-1 day TILL FRIDAYYY.  Can’t be more excited.  I’ve been having major writer’s block this week…

There’s only so much sex I can have– and so many of those stories worth telling.

We’ve heard it all– the bad dates, the cocky guys aka the usual walking disasters I seem to be interacting with on a daily basis.

Bad dates aren’t hard to come by, actually it’s the good dates that rarely ever seem to happen for me.  I’ve experienced it all: cocky assholes, workaholics, cocky, shy, cocky, cocky, cocky.  And for many of us (like me), the time to say goodbye can’t come fast enough.

Unless they surprise you with that super awkward kiss attack– and then you both end up having to walk the same route to get home… FML, worst possible case scenario, happens WAY TOO OFTEN.  


But there’s only so much damage a guy can do during the date.  Sometimes, it’s the aftermath that really f#cks it up.

A few weeks ago, I went on a date with this guy from work.  He was fun to talk to in the elevator– so when he suggested Persian food for dinner, how could I resist?

*Please note: he was NOT Persian… Armenian Lebanese– everything my dad would disapprove of… which made him that much more appealing.

There’s something about tall, dark and handsome I just can’t resist…

…And mix that in with some chelo kabob– I’m done.  Sold.  All yours.  Not much room to mess that up, if you ask me.

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Ain’t Fun if Your Homies Can’t Get Some


I just want to start off by saying whoever decided that spring break wasn’t for adults was on some serious CRACK.

Moving on… (at least TRYING to).

I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to making friends, Persian girls are a tough crowd. We’re not friends with just anyone and we’re quick to hate on any girl that steps out of line.

Persian girls are firm believers in natural selection. We hate so that you become a better person.

It’s really for your own good.  We care about you that much. 

It takes us awhile to accept someone into our inner circle and according to any Persian girl, we are friends with the best of the best.

Persian girls know all 

But here is where we go wrong: when it comes to our men screwing up, we are quick to punish the girl before even considering hating on our man of the hour.

*This applies to women of ALL races- whether they’re black, Asian, white, etc.

We only hate on the “bitch who stole our man.”  How does that make sense when there are two consenting adults backstabbing like they actually have the right to?

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Hey jooonie joons,

It’s about to get real tonight– dealing with a pretty touchy subject here and so I need to be extra careful with how I let this one out and who might read it.

Oh wait…

I don’t give a sh*t.

If you haven’t already noticed. 

If you can’t tell, I’m a little annoyed.  But let’s rewind…

Persian girls.

Let’s be real- befriending a group of Persian girls is one of the hardest things to do because we are some of the bitchiest, most judgmental women out there (we’re still pretty legit though — #truestory).

I will be the first to admit that when a new girl is introduced to my group of my friends, I don’t warm up to her until she proves herself to me.  But when a new guy is introduced — I don’t even think twice. #doublestandards.

If that new guy flirts with the biggest skank in the room, I’d probably find it somewhat amusing/funny.  BUT, if that new girl flirts with the hot guy in our group or even worst- my ex… I’d probably choke her (and judge obviously).

And I consider myself the “anti-bitch Persian girl.” (most of the time)

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