Cuddle On Your Own Time.

Hihi joonies,

Happy Monday! (oxymoron I know). My family is visiting me this week and it’s been just great… granted my pants don’t fit me anymore – and it’s only been two days. #controlproblems

It doesn’t exactly help when my dad keeps telling me that I eat like a monster and that one day, I’m going to get very fat if I’m not careful. But then I look at my mom’s skinny ass and just hope that I got her genes.

Anyway, read Saaghi’s latest post? (click here).

Like Saaghi said, before we give up the v card – it”s all about the kissing. First kisses are probably one of the most nerve-wrecking moments in our adolescent years. I personally, was chugging my Irooni-estyle Capri Sun (aka aab anar) as if it were going to somehow transform me into an amazing kisser.


Kissing is probably the most intimate part of sex. Without kissing, you’re just fucking to be fucked.

We think of sex as this hugely monumental, intimate action between two people — and while it is, sometimes sex is just sex.  I’ve encountered this stereotype where guys think that I am somehow going to develop intimate emotions toward them if we are having sex.

And while sex is intimate no matter how you feel about the person – there are different levels of intimacy:

1. Naked Intimacy: You’re intimate because you are naked together. They are seeing you differently than most people would – literally. And that is where it ends – emotions are limited because you’re intimacy solely rests on the fact that you’re about to have this person inside of you and frankly, your interest ends there.

2. Blatant Intimacy: You care for your partner and you want the world to see – or rather, you just don’t care who sees you groping your man’s sac. I personally, hate these people.

3. Intimacy: Caring for someone and sharing those emotions with them through your actions – whether it’s sex or picking up their laundry without bitching about it.

Personally, I am not a fan of intimacy – it makes me feel out of control in a relationship. I feel like I am losing my independence if I am intimate toward another person. AKA I’m scared. [Read more…]

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