“That’s A Hook, Retard!”

JOONS. I’ve been feeling all kinds of weird lately: I’m in withdrawals from my meth addiction, and usually Flaming HOT Cheetos & Mast-moosir (yogurt-n-Shallots) solves all my problems, but I can’t even enjoy that quickfix because its summer, and:

#FML.  But then, Farrah sent me a video, that had me all like:

Why? Cause I realized, I can roll with life’s punches—


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I’m A Dope B*tch.

Thirsty Thursday!

I hope some of you guys are going out, and enjoying yourselves- because I’m sitting at home. It’s one of those days where the thought of looking aadam (human) or even remotely nice enough to go out in public, seriously distresses me. So I’ll be watching Mob movies, pining away after Al Pacino.

Michael Corleone is perfection.

Onto something less boring.

Anyone who knows me , knows I have some addictions:

to good meth, to good music, and to great sex. Unfortunately, all three are hard to come by.

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