7 Ways to Get Rid of your Moustache


We have hair everywhere.  This is a fact, whether the hair is blonde or black. Now, the ‘need to remove urgency‘ for every body part varies- with the least urgent being the legs. (No-Shave-November-December-Janu—basically anytime its cold)

The most urgent? The moustache troll that lies above your lips.

Here’s ways to get rid of it from the ultra-temporary to the permanent, and at various price points and pain levels.

1. Shaving

Time: >1 min

Price: $10 for a pack of razors   

How long does it last? Not long enough.*

Pain? None, unless you knick yourself.

*Not recommended, unless you’re into that ‘5’oclock shadow’ for yourself. If you’re desperate with only a razor lying around- fine, but be warned as it’s growing back, it’ll feel prickly (like anywhere else you shave).

2. Waxing

waxing options

Time: >5 min

Price: $5-10

How long does it last? 2-3 weeks

Pain? Have you ever been slapped across the face?  Very similar feeling, but you’re getting the hair at the root so –no pain, no gain.

3. Threading


Time: ~5-7min

Price: $5

How long does it last? For me- 2 weeks at most.

Pain? Worse than waxing, because it feels like your skin is getting pinched and scraped at the same time.

4. Hair Removal Cream


Time: ~5-10min

Price: $5-8

How long does it last? 2 weeks at most. So here’s the deal, I am eternally scarred from all hair removal creams due to the experiences I had when I was in puberty and desperately trying to remove my moustache. One, the smell– it is a funky, NAIR smell, and once you smell it you’ll always remember the ‘Nair’ smell. Two, one time I had an awful reaction to the cream and it looked like I had broken out in hives/herpes/cuts all around my upper lip. I was barely 14, and my mom still made me go to school.

Pain? None. Potentially a few weeks of embarrassment (if you have an allergic reaction to it).

5. Bleach

homepageTime: ~10-15min

Price: $5-10

How long does it last? 2-3 weeks.

Pain? NONE. This is the best way to hide your mouchie if you’re lazy, out of other options, or all of the above. Technically though, you’re not ‘removing’ any hair; you’re just camouflaging it.

6. Tweezing


Time: Forever.

Price: $5

How long does it last? 1-2 weeks.

Pain? Surprisingly can get very painful, and since it’s rather ineffective, I only pluck if I have some very noticeable dark hairs. Usually I just look over at the tweezer and remind myself ‘just for eyebrows’.

7. Laser Hair Removal/Electrolysis


Time: ~5-7min

Price: >$250

How long does it last? Eventually hair-free*

Pain? A burn and a pinch at the same time.

*Is it worth it? There’s a lot I would give up to be hair-free, but it’s important to note that it’s never a guarantee. You may pay the $$$ but still end up having to use some temporary removal methods later on. 

All of the above is based on my experiences, and so results may vary. Do you have a preferred route for getting rid of the moustache? Let me know in the comments section.

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Mustache Out,


chillin with no makeup on, thats when you’re the prettiest?

HAY. we’re almost in MAY.

ok that was corny, but on the real, time flies, doesnt it?

and I always realize this on Mondays…=YOLO FML

I actually drag myself out of bed like this. #sad

Mondays are also when I realize that: the amount of food and alcohol I put into my mouth over the weekend is in direct correlation to how shitty my Monday is.

You know that feeling of waking up on a Monday, knowing you downed enough food for a small country in Africa– and then realizing you have to put on real people clothes.

I know for me, as a PERSIAN girl, its even more of an issue if I don’t keep up appearances for awhile. We need some Intensive Monthly Maintenance which includes: waxing, lasering, hair, etc. Routine Weekly Maintenance: nails, brows, shaving, etc. & THE DAILY: moisturizing, make up, exercising.

Of course, everyone’s different. Some girls wax their moustaches (yes we have them, lets be real) once a month, some do it once a week. Some girls wear foundation everyday, some just brush on the mascara. At the end of the day, its rare that we roll out of bed without a glance in the mirror.

But let me say this, I don’t like doing things without getting credit. So when guys insist,

I like girls who don’t wear makeup.

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