Here’s my Number, Call me…Maybe?


There’s been a lot of politic and office blabber as of late– and we all know you joonies bookmark this blog for some sexytime.

Unfortunately, the problem with committing to being a sex blogger is that you have to have sex. And while I’m missing some action in my life right now, I’ve been blessed with some variety in the past because, wouldn’t it be boring if an S&F blogger had sex with only one person?

Wait, scratch that—Wouldn’t it be boring if anyone had sex with only one person?

One is too little. How many is too many?

(or as BiBi would say, where’s the red line?)

Obviously there’s no number that works for everyone, but for the average person of this generation, keeping the number low is going to be difficult– considering people get into relationships at a SNAIL’s PACE.

And we all have needs.

But then again, we all have self-control too.

What an internal battle, huh? And then (if it applies) add the whole “Persian girl stuck in an image conscious culture” element, and BAM, you have a serious number complex.

And I’ve done my fair share of research, asking guys I know from all different backgrounds,

Would you care about a girl’s number?

and a lot of them are very PC with their answer, but if you keep prying, they’ll say

“Well, I wouldn’t ask…but if its high then I think something’s up…

If its been with guys she was serious with, then it’s fine” 

“I mean as long as its not crazy like 25 or something”

Most of them said this, and I was thinking

“So you’re probably pro-abortion, but you kinda still wanna tell me what to do with my body?” [Read more…]

Bringing Sexy Back


So today I found out– that it’s not me, it’s my oven. It doesn’t work and so instead of starving I decided to order pizza. After which I had the realization, I don’t think any man comes close to the way I feel about Stuffed Crust Pizza.

The best sex or Stuffed Crust Pizza? You know, in all honesty, I’d hesitate on that one.

As you can tell, I’m multi-tasking today, blogging/stuffing my face.

So in a topic completely un-related, I want to talk about…SEXY.

A while ago, I asked what it meant to be, like, really deep? And you know, SEXY is also an ambiguous term. Is it Kate Upton on the cover of  GQ? or is it one of those days when you wake up and decide you kick ass?

Is it Cleavage or Confidence?

To tell you the truth, it’s probably a bit of both. Sexy, like other things, is in the eye of the beholder.

Some guys I talk to think sexy is their girlfriend after an intense work, and some girls think nothing is sexier than guy with ambition.

The only real truth about sex appeal is that it is universal.

As a woman (because that’s the only perspective I can speak from, although I wish I could be a sexy man for a day) I think sex appeal is a dangerous game to play. Now, I’m not a bra-burning feminist– and I’m definitely nobody’s mother. But the other day, I was at a frat party– I’m too old to be going to those– and I was pretty shocked at what I saw.

Girls in lace bras, see through shirts, booty shorts, skirts, and sky high heels– roaming around a house that smells like beer trying to find a boy to hang onto. This is old news, and I am not saying I was above this scene when I was in school–

I don’t care if they have sex with random frat boys, or they drink til they pass out (I mean I care, but really…we’ve all been there). But I kind of cared that all of them seemed so insecure.

But for the first time (sober), when I looked at these young freshmen girls I saw them for what they really were: little kids playing dress-up, uncomfortable in their skin, and really just trying to be desired. For them, the frat guys validated their sex appeal. [Read more…]

Get Crunk Up in Him

Hi jooniessss,

Sundays are so bittersweet.  I’m always glad I have an extra day to get over my hangover, but knowing that Monday is coming in just a few hours really f*cking sucks.

Saturdays are meant to be crazy.

No work tomorrow

Weekends are the best excuse to let loose.

[Read more…]

Did I Betray my Meth*?

Joonies, hope you’re not packing on too many lb’s this New Years (1391). Our ‘Eidi’ gift to ourselves, and to you, is


It’s basically a little window into our brainstorm– the music, the visuals, and the words that get us writing ;)

We have a Guest Post, and this time its reaaallll interesting. One of our joonies reached out to us, a little distraught over her dilemma… read on to see if this was just a ‘caught up in the moment’ error of judgment, or just plain wrong.

*And the METH she’s referring to, ain’t the crystal kind. For clarification, check this: SINGLE OR JUST ADDICTED TO METH?

Ok, so we’ve all had crazy drunken nights where we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve ATE SHIT and we’ve hooked-up with our bestie’s crush right?!…(GUILTY)

And I know what your thinking…Oh, she’s THAT girl who uses the ‘I was drunk’ excuse to hook-up with guys she wouldn’t normally hook-up with, but lemme tell you a little story and I’ll let you decide who is the victim here.

This past weekend was one of my closest friend’s 23rd birthday and the protocol was: get wasted & have a grand old time. This friend of mine is part of my close group of girlfriends (my meth essentially) but our relationship with each other has been the rockiest of all mainly because my friend thinks I’m “perfect”…which I am no where near.

Coming from a Persian household it was always stressed that our problems, insecurities fears, etc. are private and therefore, I learned from an early age to grow a thick exterior and essentially pretend that everything was okay all the time, even when it wasn’t.

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