Breaking Up is Half the Fun.


I tried working out, instead I busted out my laptop and started writing this post–gymblogging–the best excuse not to run that mile.

My sense of urgency doesn’t come as much from the muscle cramps, as it does from the fact that I am so frustrated….with MEN. Especially the Persian kind. I know, I know–what’s new, right? Another female blogger venting about how single she is, another Persian girl bitching about Persian men.

We’ve all heard this before, and you’re all probably thinking– get rid of the laptop, the cat, and move the fuck on.


NO. I absolutely will not, because I am fed up. Fed up, and most importantly: BORED.

Is it too much to ask for to meet someone a little interesting? Someone  with something new up their sleeve?

Please, someone SCREW me over in a way that will actually surprise me.

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