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It’s been awhile since I’ve written an analysis on the political situation in Iran. I know, there was a time when I would write 6,000+ words just to smack a troll around. (click here for the article)


But then I got tired of the mess that amounted to nothing.


I’ll be honest, in the past two years or so, I haven’t published any political analyses on the political situation. I’ve decided to expend my energies on covering human rights violations and trust me…

… writing about human rights for me is no joke… [Read more…]

Spending Nights in Tehran


Thought I might dial it back tonight and just relive some great memories.  Somethings you just never want to forget because it plays a pivotal role in developing your personality… your ideals… and that’s what my trips to Iran were for me.

Going to Iran was something I looked forward to the second I stepped off the plane back in the United States.  Leaving my grandparents, cousins and other relatives/friends behind was always one of the hardest things I ever had to do (and still to this day nothing compares).

Tehran, Iran

I always left with this gut wrenching thought, “What if I can’t come back next year and see them again? What if this is goodbye for good?”

I’ve been back once since I graduated from college and even though, it’s only been two years– I feel like I’m gripping onto the memories in fear that one day, they just might leave me.  Because now more than ever, it is unlikely I can go back for sometime.

And now there is all this talk of war and harsher sanctions — there is still the endless imprisonment of bloggers, political thinkers, and human rights defenders —

Yet all the focus remains on Iran’s deteriorating relationship with Israel and their nuclear program, which causes people outside of Iran to forget that Iranians are regular people.

[Read more…]

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