Tehran: I Have Pride Coming Out The Ass

When my little brother found out I was going to be interviewing Tehran SoParvaz for S&F, he immediately freaked out on the phone and texted me a picture of Tehran to have him sign it (because you can autograph picture texts?).  He said, “Omg Farrah, Tehran is SO COOL and his Farsi is even better than yours.”  

And for once, my brother was right, not only is Tehran intelligent, witty, and straight-up hilarious, he was personable.  I’m pretty much jealous of his amazing Farsi skills.  Talking to him felt like I was catching up with an old friend.  That’s just how you have to be when you’re a personality like Tehran- you have to get people to like you right off the bat and I’m certain that Tehran has no problem doing that. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to be an Iranian these days, and Tehran’s pride for his Iranian and his black heritage is so clearly evident in the way he carries himself and in what he does for a living – it’s inspiring.  We could all learn a thing or two — like Tehran says, we should all have pride coming out of our ass.

So a big thank you to Tehran for being a total bad-ass and for taking the time to talk to us.  And because I was too shy to say anything in Farsi on the phone, “Tehran jooooon, kheyli bahali – key miay khastegari?” 




Tehran SoParvaz

– Tell me about yourself…

I was born and raised in D.C.  I love D.C.- it’s my home city.  I went to college and graduate school in D.C.  I still call D.C. my home even though I’m on the road more than I am in D.C. – but that’s why you’ll always catch me with a D.C. hat- D.C. REPRESENT.

My dad is Persian and my mom is black.  My D.C. heritage goes all the way back – my parents are D.C. native.  My mom is a lawyer over at HUD who fights against gentrification in the district.  I did my undergrad and graduate school at George Mason University and I went to Georgetown Law for law school.  I didn’t take the BAR after law school – I have a Master’s in Economics and did a double major in my undergrad in International Politics and Communications.

– What do you do?  How did you get started? 

I host shows – I have a show on BET, I hosted Lil Wayne’s tour that finished about six months ago.  I also hosted a tour for Rick Ross.  I host shows, comedians and I’m just a entertainer in general – a personality – that’s what I prefer.

I used to throw a lot of events- parties and concerts.  It was just a natural onset of being in that environment.

– What was a pivotal moment for you when you were hosting? 

My favorite moment: You know those big Persian concerts that happen in Vegas every Christmas? I hosted the Vegas concert.  The first year I ever did it was four years ago – they put me on stage and I hosted the entire two days.  It was a stellar job, an amazing concert – the energy, the vibe – I’d never been to the Vegas concert before and it was amazing.  I don’t really have a natural fear of speaking in front of people.  Everyone thought I had prepared what I was going to say while I was hosting, but when I went on stage, I just spoke whatever came to my mind.

It felt like a movie.

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