Amir, of Music, Rules, and Culture Shocks

I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Amir, the founder of, who is also a personal role model of mine because of his creativity, pioneership, and (as I’ve come to observe) great manners.  I remember being 13 and discovering, and frantically downloading all the Mp3s I could get my hands on because I was afraid it would shut down, and I’d lose the access to my Iranian-ness that it had granted me. But not only has Bia2 not shut down, its grown in popularity and thanks to Amir and his team, it is now a source for quality Iranian media and entertainment.

I know many people of all ages turn to for not only music, but a little piece of heritage, culture, and home — as was the case with me. A lone Iranian teenager growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, dancing to Black Cats in front of the mirror.

And while Amir is extremely modest, I think this interview is an ode to his journey: of something that grew from a hobby to a career, and a website that does more than post music.




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