Stuck in the F-ZONE

Hey jooooonies,

Hope you all had a chance to read our guest post this week by the wonderful DOOZY FAB (click here if you missed it), what did you guys think: better to keep your guard up or take risks?

Personally, I’m all about taking risks and making “mistakes,” but not so much when it comes to love.

GAH did he just say he loves me?

I’d rather f#ck someone with no emotional attachment than to open up and feel something.

But I’m just going to go ahead and say that’s because I haven’t met the right person yet… #excuses.

ANYVAYYY, I was back home last week visiting some friends and obviously, family (my parents would shoot me in the face if I ever went on a vacation that didn’t involve them).  Of course, I was able to escape my parent’s claws of entrapment eventually and was finally able to see some old friends that I hadn’t connected with in awhile.

I met up with some old girlfriends and guy friends.  Sitting across from these guys who had been my best friends in high school and college, I was hit with this thought:

Is sex ever “off the table” between a guy and a girl?

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