25 Things Our Middle Eastern Parents Should Have Talked To Us About

Recently, I’ve been thinking of all the conversations I didnt have with my parents, because they were too busy telling me to clean my room and fix my B+’s.

And I compiled a list of those topics. Maybe some things need to be learned the hard way, but some of these should really find their way into a dinner conversation.

1. Being smart doesn’t substitute for working hard


2. Condoms & Birth Control.

sex ed

3. It’s OK to fail

You can’t get an A+ in life.


4. Try again after you fail.


5. Not all Relationships have to end in marriage.

vintage wedding

6. Love who you want.

lions in love

7. but love them honestly and faithfully.

up gif

8. Education is a gift you give yourself, not a box you checkmark.

do it for you

9. You can make a living off art.

do what you love

10. Getting a nose job won’t make your life better

or any plastic surgery for that matter. 


11. Attitude can make or break you in tough times.

So hop-on that positive thinking, meditating yogi wagon quick. 


12. What people think about you really doesn’t matter.

what people think

13. Pride and Ego are toxic.


14. Judging others will never end well for you.


15. Sex tapes are bad ideas

and naked pictures. snapchats. whatever.

bettie page

16. Sometimes you really do need to sit down, and shut up.

Stop lecturing and preaching. Just listen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.51.01 PM

17. Individuality is key.


18. Know your worth.


19. Why you should not compare yourself to others.


20. Financial Planning.

gold coin

which also leads us to…

21. How to Budget.


22. Being successful is never about money.

mo money

23. Don’t be entitled.

sweet 16

24. What comes easy, won’t always last.


25. How to let go.

What else would you add to this list?

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