All Alone, Whether You Like it Or Not

It’s been too long Joonies,

Actually it probably hasn’t been that long for you guys—but for me: internet-less, bed-less, and up to a day ago homeless—it feels like FOREVER.

I haven’t tweeted, blogged, or even TUMBLR’d like I usually do. But as soon as the Comcast GUY gets his act together, we’ll be reunited soon.

This post is all about me, because if you haven’t realized thus far—I’ve kind of been alone lately. (FYI I’m too proud to use the word lonely) so there’s not much else going on to talk about–I’ve been isolated from my social life, which before would always be fixed tanks to technology (PETROSSI shoutout!) – but with just four naked walls and an empty apartment, there isn’t much escaping from the reality that I am… utterly alone.

I mean people that I love and care about are only a phone call or a text away, but you can only distract yourself so much. I knew this was coming, but somehow I thought it’d be a bit different…

Growing up, I always liked being on my own—doing one-person activities like puzzles, drawing, watching scary movies. In fact, my best memories are from times when it was just me.

One of the Best Seuss Quotes.

I’ll admit- I don’t think being a loner 5 year old is that cool, but I think it helped me become more of a risk-taker because I developed a sort of self-confidence relatively young. I don’t like things to stay the same, and I don’t like to be comfortable—and I trust myself when I’m doing random sh!t to shake things up (hence why I’m where I am now). I’ve always looked at the roadmap of my “life plan” as a journey that I’d take myself on—and it’d be all I need.

Sounds fucking fabulous, right? Independent Persian Girl needs no one, rocks to the beat of her own drummer….

Yeah…well now, that I have all the “me time” in the world—

I find it pretty awkward to be alone with myself.

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Will You Marry Me?


What’s up azizams.  Shit’s about to get real tonight… well kind of.  I’m going for some major honesty right now and I’m hoping you can understand.

I was at a friend’s barbecue a few weeks ago- My girlfriend and I were the only two people there that weren’t in “a couple.”  And there’s nothing wrong with that– in fact, half of my friends from college are married (scary right) and I have no problem with it.  Until… someone “pities” me for it.

get a room

At the BBQ, everyone else started sharing stories of how they met (over it) until one girl interrupts and says, “Guys, let’s stop– Farrah and X aren’t in a couple, this is uncomfortable for them.” (paraphrasing).

Excuse me?  Since when is your stupid ass story about how you fell into your boyfriend’s lap “uncomfortable” for me?  It might be boring and redundant… but I am by no means uncomfortable with a person’s relationship just because I am single.  If that were the case, then my best friend from college and I would have NOTHING to talk about anymore.

Furthermore, why is it that people automatically ASSUME we are single because we can’t get a boyfriend?

Since when is it “ignored” that we are single because we choose to be?

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