Manly Nose Monday

For this edition of #ManlyNoseMonday we have some nose-y Iranian and non-Iranian actors.

But have you ever seen a manlier nose than this? Guess who it belongs to.

source: celebstoner

source: celebstoner

(Revealed at the end.)

Amir Arison

tall, dark and schnozzy. Loving it.

source: zimbio

source: zimbio

Bahram Radan

Jesus never looked so good.

source: flixster

source: flixster


Haaz Sleiman

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 4.48.41 PM


Liam Neeson

liam nee

Arian Moayed

source: NBC

source: NBC

And finally, if you didn’t guess before, that nose belongs to..


owen wilson

What other actors would you add?

MANLY NOSE MONDAY: Founding Fathers edition

It’s Monday, and we’ve got another edition of #ManlyNoseMonday. In honor of 4th of July, here are the founding fathers of the manly nose trend.

But first, can you guess which manly man this manly nose belongs to?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.23.45 AM

We’ll reveal it at the end.

For now, feast your eyes on Paul Newman’s slightly crooked-on-one-side, strong nose..


Frank Sinatra

source: theconcertdatabase
source: theconcertdatabase

Behrouz Vossoughi

source: flixster

source: flixster

Our mystery manly nose belongs to..

al pacin



Saif Ali Khan

source: bollywoodlife

source: bollywoodlife


source: theapricity

source: theapricity

George RR Martin

source: vixenvarsity

source: vixenvarsity


source: facebook

source: facebook


Top 5 Hottest Persian Rappers

It is time to rank these bad boys (and girl!).



Deep and brooding. Hi.



He’s made a lot of music. But we won’t let that distract us from what’s really important…that perfect scruff.



To be an Iranian female in the rap game, you have to be bad ass. Sogand is also stunning.


mehrad hidden
Mehrad Hidden

We could’ve included anyone from ZedBazi on this list, but this guy’s voice just makes us want to undress- very quickly.


behzad leito

Behzad Leito

Basically, his face is everything.

And those lips…

He may be younger than us, but age ain’t nothing but a number in this case.

another one for the road:

behzad leito 2

Disagree with our ranking? Let us know how you’d rate these hotties.

To FOB or not to FOB?

Hi Joonies,

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of dating FOBs.


First, a basic definition to start off with so we’re all clear as to who this concerns:

F.O.B – (n) an acronym for “Fresh Off the Boat”, and refers to new immigrants to a country (mostly Western). Now commonly used to describe any person new to a country, who is not well versed with its language or culture (mainly Western). Can be taken as an insult, or a term of endearment (eg; pride of culture).”

PRO: They speak the mother tongue so well, and it gets you kind of hot when you guys are alone. And you know that amazing ‘Farsi/Persian‘ skills means a slam dunk with the parents.

CON: But then you realize that they have a Persian accent when they speak English, and that just makes you feel all self-conscious when you bring him around your friends. (and let’s be honest, you can never convince yourself that the accent is sexy.)

PRO: They seem to still have some old school culture and chivalry, and that makes you feel warm and lady-like– I mean, a man with manners who picks up the tab is always sexy.

CON: But some of that chivalry just turns out to be chauvinism and ….

PRO: In their lives, FOB guys have had it pretty rough and left everything they’ve known to come to a new country with a new culture. They’ve proved they can stand on their own two feet.– DAMN. #Respect

CON: BUT, they may be on the prowl for a woman just so she can replace his mom. He could be missing the warm meals and clean laundry. (watch out!)

PRO: Finally, there’s so much they can teach you about a part of your culture that you never got to experience because you’ve never spent more than a vacation’s time in Iran.

That, arguably, could be priceless.

CON: Or it could be exhausting because you’d have so much to catch them up on.

Hello, Pop Culture waits for no one!

So I guess the jury is out. With a FOB, you gain some -you lose some. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste (and patience), right?

thoughts on our new look?

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We Should’ve Met Five Years Later…

Recently my girlfriend and I did the ‘Grouse Grind’. It isn’t what you think; it’s actually a steep upward hike up a mountain.  Afterwards we went for chicken burgers and laughed as she busted my balls for finishing fifteen minutes behind her. After that we went back to my place, had sex in the shower, then lied on my couch and watched TV.

Then, we broke up.


We both knew it was coming, we both knew it was inevitable, so we decided to stop kidding ourselves. The difference between this breakup and others I’ve been through?

I love her and know that we can’t be together right now. She loves me and knows she can’t be with me right now.

I’ve never experienced this before; therefore I don’t really know what I’m experiencing. I figured sharing it over the internet can’t be a bad idea.

I’ve never gotten along so well with a girl. I’ve never met such a matching personality. I’ve never had more fun with another girl. I’ve never met someone with such similar humour to my own – which is the biggest turn on for me, by the way. But timing dictated that this relationship couldn’t work out.  


She’s 2 years older than me, which ultimately doesn’t mean shit, but rather we’re at important stages in our lives.

I need to figure out who I am as a person, my own identity, and I can’t do that while committing myself fully to someone else. [Read more…]

Finding Girls in a Foreign Place

Hello bacheha!

I need to pick your brain about dating white girls.

So far, there’s been so many cultural differences that I’ve experienced living in Canada; like, I got totally baffled when to say hello to people and when to not! I find it ironic that people say “good morning” in the streets and some don’t even reply to my “hello” in  the same class (it’s not like I’m hitting on them, I just like to be friendly)!

So I kinda lost my confidence when I try to make a conversation with white people, even though they are pretty friendly and warm (not always of course).


Well, I’d better give you some details about myself; I’m in my early twenties and brown like most Persians, with big light brown eyes, a button nose and peculiar Persian eyebrows (not that bushy)! I’m  fit as a fiddle (I’m a badass triathlete) working out twenty plus hours weekly to race. But I’m such a wimp when it comes to asking white girls out!

Even though they sometimes come to me and start a conversation like “wow, you swim so fast” blab blab blab! Here are other things you should know:

First, I don’t have so many chances to meet white gals because I work in my lab reviewing papers, and doing experiments 9-5 pm. If I can find some time, I would rather scoot to the university’s pool for a swim or go for a run! Actually, that’s the best part of my day to take my mind off those friggen papers! I’ve approached girls in the pool before – introducing myself, et.c and usually the first question that comes up is “where you from” and well, you know the story…

What do you think is the first picture that comes to mind when you hear that somebody is from Iran? [Read more…]

How I (Can’t) Feel

First off, in case anyone remembers or remotely cares, I did meet my Persian girlfriend’s mother. I feel like it went really well. (see my last post here!)

This may have to do with my mother always telling me, as a child, how charming I was, translating into a false sense of supremacy.

Regardless, my girlfriend told me her mother liked me enough. Either I am in the clear or my girlfriend has a great poker face.

Second, I would like to thank Saaghi and Farrah for posting my blurb and genuinely caring how my visit went. They have set up a wonderful blog giving voice to first generation Iranians abroad. Merci Farrah and Saaghi joon.

I can’t express my emotions properly.

I’m not a quiet individual nor am I my great-grandfather whom apparently only spoke to berate the loose morals of 50s youth: “‘Laash’ women and their harlequin print dresses.” My issue isn’t that I’m an introvert. My issue isn’t that I think speaking about feelings is a feminine trait. My issue is that I don’t know what to do when feeling: sad, upset, vulnerable, distressed, etc…

I would categorize myself as an emotional person. I don’t mean that I sob during long distance phone commercials. I mean that whether I am really excited or melancholic, the emotion overtakes me. I have moments where I’m animated from happiness and moments where I’m as un-enthused as Al Gore in a library.
My mom has accused me of taking drugs. My doctor has accused me of not taking enough drugs.
I’m not trying to make myself sound like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, nor am I painting a picture of a cross between Cary Grant and Behrouz Voussoughi, I’m only trying to be honest. People whom I build strong relationships with, friendly or romantic, understand this about me. My girlfriend, bless her heart, know this well and remains with me, although I must say she isn’t always a walk in the park either. We’re great (for the most part) together.

This little biography brings me back to the first sentence; I can’t express my emotions properly. I can sit and listen to my friend, partner or parent speak about their issues and give semi-decent advice. However, when the roles are reversed, Lassie does a better job at explaining his issues.

This ends up complicating my relationships. Building a relationship is difficult enough as it is. While we always think and speak of our partner’s best traits, it is really their worst you must accept. This is a given, of course. No person is baggage-less. Even if I think Alicia Keys and I would mingle quite well, I’m sure she has characteristics I would have to try to get over; such as not knowing how to make loobia polo. My baggage is the stress I can put on a relationship by not knowing how to say “I am sad.” I end up going quiet or getting upset. What is worse is at times I don’t even know why I’m upset. My girlfriend then gets frustrated because I’m in a bad mood and I won’t open up. I have managed to string together sentences blaming her and the 1979 Revolution simultaneously for my own issues. I’ve also been a big enough jerk to blame her for lack of caring when she asks “what’s wrong?” An oxymoronic jackass.

I’ve read in the odd female magazine, yes I’ve looked inside Cosmopolitan and the Oprah one,

….that most men do not know how to express their feelings or that we’re afraid of our emotions. I find it funny that those articles are always written by women who do not have a) any clue about being male & b) testicles. [Read more…]

Keep Your Man and His Hands to Yourself

Happy Friday!  When it comes to a relationship — some of us just can’t handle being alone (wtfff…).  Check out our guest post this week — she’s not having that nonsense. TGIF! 

Joonies, I have a bone to pick with:

girls who can’t keep their men and boys who can’t keep it in their pants.

You know who I’m talking about, we’ve all seen them, have been friends with them, and yes, we’ve all talked behind their backs… I’m talking about the girl who thinks she’s got a great man and she’s latching on to him for dear life.

And the kind of guy that wants his girl to be around as he fucks up over and over, because aside from being a douchebag he has “the package”. (the mohandes, Doctore, lawyer, blablabla). Don’t get me wrong, I like a guy with “the package” (and a package, if you know what I mean) as much as the next girl but when your relationship becomes so toxic that it starts to fuck with your sanity, then you just need to stop, drop everything and just GET OUT. At the end of the day though, people do what they want– sticking around, taking it–and its really of no consequence to me… usually.

but then there are those girls who can’t deal with their own insecurity, especially when their man’s wandering eye lands on you. [Read more…]

Ayo, I’m tired of using Technology

Good morning.

Its technically my morning, because its 3:19 am, and I canNOT sleep. Blame it on the alcohol, that’s what I get for pounding those double-shot margaritas after work.

Drinking in college is for Fun. Drinking after work is for Sanity.

(of course i dont look this fab @ happy hour)

So what you do when you have alcohol-induced insomnia is try to load up on drunk food so you can fall into a carb-induced coma, but since my cabinets are empty and i only have some KALE in the fridge (who was I kidding when I went grocery shopping?)– I had to turn on the TV. and instead of turning on C-SPAN, I watched Sex and the City– SEASON ONE episodes.

& it provided me with some blogging inspiration: The evolution of technology, and how within 10 years– everything has changed. For better, or for worse.

There was a scene in the episode where Carrie and Big run into each other unexpectedly— though they’re in a relationship, and then casually say goodbye. In that moment, it hit me– neither of the two is exactly sure where the other is going, what they’ll be up to, and when they’ll see each other again.

Updates on status had to be given via a land line phone. Which means you had to be home. not mobile.

Or if Carrie had a moment of crisis (which she does in most episodes), she would have to wait until she got home, got to a payphone, so she could catch one of the girls at home, or in their office– tot talk it through. Or she could leave it for Sunday Brunch.

And to think that land lines and pagers and payphone were within my lifetime…well, it blows my mind.

THen it all hit me,

Technology has redefined personal space.  And our love lives. [Read more…]

Here’s my Number, Call me…Maybe?


There’s been a lot of politic and office blabber as of late– and we all know you joonies bookmark this blog for some sexytime.

Unfortunately, the problem with committing to being a sex blogger is that you have to have sex. And while I’m missing some action in my life right now, I’ve been blessed with some variety in the past because, wouldn’t it be boring if an S&F blogger had sex with only one person?

Wait, scratch that—Wouldn’t it be boring if anyone had sex with only one person?

One is too little. How many is too many?

(or as BiBi would say, where’s the red line?)

Obviously there’s no number that works for everyone, but for the average person of this generation, keeping the number low is going to be difficult– considering people get into relationships at a SNAIL’s PACE.

And we all have needs.

But then again, we all have self-control too.

What an internal battle, huh? And then (if it applies) add the whole “Persian girl stuck in an image conscious culture” element, and BAM, you have a serious number complex.

And I’ve done my fair share of research, asking guys I know from all different backgrounds,

Would you care about a girl’s number?

and a lot of them are very PC with their answer, but if you keep prying, they’ll say

“Well, I wouldn’t ask…but if its high then I think something’s up…

If its been with guys she was serious with, then it’s fine” 

“I mean as long as its not crazy like 25 or something”

Most of them said this, and I was thinking

“So you’re probably pro-abortion, but you kinda still wanna tell me what to do with my body?” [Read more…]

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