Bullsh!t & Party.

Ayo for Yayo,

anyone see Farrah’s last post? Sh!T’s heated in the comments section, check it out.

And you know, she wrote back cause she’s a BOSS, and I respect her for it. If you don’t vibe with what we write- I respect that too.

& I respect it even more if, despite disagreeing, you keep reading.

Because that is why SEX&FESSENJOON exists. Not because I am obsessed with writing about how much I love sex, how I party, or how embarrassing my dad is.

If you can see past the sex talk, and the capslock/BOLD typing, you’ll see we’re trying to get this culture to start talking. It makes for some uncomfortable reading sometimes, especially if you’re not ready or haven’t had certain experiences yet but take it from a FORMER PRUDE-ITE: when you fall from Eden, you realize how natural “sin” really is.   [Read more…]

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