Is This Real Life?


It’s Friday, 4/20, and that means your day plans are:

a. getting stoned

b. getting trashed

c. all of the above

d. i’m above the influence

If you’re all about the D, then proceed to read and laugh at us.

& if you’re any of the rest- this miiiight sound a little familiar.

We had a little post about Persian girls & weed awhile ago, click here to refresh your memory, but today we’re gonna take some time to tell you azizJOOONs about our experience with Persian Parents & Stoner Adventures.


Picture Christmas, in Vegas. Yes, the usual time when Persians flood the strip like there’s a sale at Nordstrom.

My brother and I dreaded this vacation- In fact, growing up for us, XMAS was a time for snow, Central Park, and Home Alone movies.

A roadtrip to Vegas with half the family sounded like a butchering of everything that was sacred.

So we decided to bring along some goodies– some Ganja Goodies, to be exact. Our plan was to get the whole family high, and make it the most epic Persian FamilyTime that would be known to mankind. & I know it sounds bad to fool people into eating edibles (IRRESPONSIBLE SAAGHI) but just imagine, my uptight Persian Dad just a LITTLE high (just a little).

He’d say “Is dis real life?” while stroking the Bellagio Christmas Penguins.

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