Hey jooooons,

Hope you all had a wonderfully filling and pool-dar (make it rain) Norooz.  We know we did.

Persians always know how to do it right

Anyway– let’s get right to it.  I’d like to think that we all learn from our past… whether they were mistakes or something we did right.  We evolve… we learn… and most importantly, we grow out of our mistakes (most of the time).

This is how I feel about my hook-ups.  For our first time, as Persian girls  (most girls)– we choose carefully.  We pick someone we trust, someone we think we love… and give it up because let’s be real– if we are going to actually have sex, it better be with some legit guy (at least in our minds).

Meet my first time (I wish)

But if you’re anything like me, after you give it up- and after it didn’t end up working out because HE LIVES IN IRAN (buzzkill), you get a little crazy and you make some (necessary) mistakes. [Read more…]

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