I Am Not A Whore

One of the downsides to being a blogger, especially an Iranian-American one, is the uncomfortable truth you have to come to terms with: your personal stories are no longer going to be personal. And while we try to share ours in a lighthearted and fun way, there are posts on the pages of this blog that we’ve thought twice about publishing— like the one titled, I Said NoIt has been our choice to share our experiences as victims of rape/sexual abuse, and we expected to hear all sorts of feedback and opinions—S&F is democratic of course.

However, the drawbacks of “nakedly” exposing ourselves are really, absolutely, UNimportant when we realize that we’ve been heard and we’ve reached some people.

Fck our ABEROO (reputation) when one more girl can come to terms with her painful story of sexual assault.

We thank this guest blogger for allowing us to share her story because her courage means the world to us.




I was 19 and I had just started university.  I was excited to meet new people and to be a part of the student life– and the freedoms that came with it.

I moved away from my family home and it was the first time I was actually independent.

No parents

During the first few months at my university, I met a guy and I thought he was amazing.  We started dating and eventually, he became my boyfriend… my first boyfriend. I had never been with a guy before in any kind of way and I wanted to take things slow. 

One night, I invited him to my student hall and we ended up kissing.  Things got heated. When I felt that he was turned on there, I started to panic and asked him to stop.

He didn’t stop and he took off my jeans, the whole time making me feel guilty for saying no and reassuring me that it’s normal because “we are together.” [Read more…]

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