Should you vote, when you don’t live there?

Hello Joonies! 

We’re a few days from the elections in Iran and there’s been a lot of news activity around it.  However, if you’re an Iranian living abroad, the topic of the election might seem a little trickier.

A question posed to us by Nima Shirazi, the political analyst behind Wide Asleep in America, captures this exact catch-22. 

Do you think that, beyond having the legal right, Iranians and Iranian citizens living outside Iran have the moral right to vote in Friday’s presidential election despite not living in Iran?

If it is the obligation of Iranians living in Iran, and them alone, to chose the government under which they will live, whether they seek to challenge and change the system or to reinforce it, what role do Iranians abroad – some of whom have vastly different political and religious beliefs than Iranians in Iran – have in the vote?

Can “ex-patriot” voting be seen as a kind of foreign intervention for regime change (or reform), albeit a peaceful kind, or – conversely – could the act of voting itself be seen as legitimating a political system one may disagree with?

Are the circumstances different for Iranian citizens who have never visited Iran, never lived in Iran or who, perhaps, don’t ever plan on going/returning?

Here is an excerpt from his article, featuring our answers, which you can check out here:

Iranians are not monolithic. Like any large community of human beings the world over, Iranians and Iranian citizens, living in Iran or abroad, have diverse opinions on everything from religion to politics to family to everything in between. Just like here in the United States, or any other country for that matter, there are those who support the government, and those who oppose it; those who thinking voting is important, those who consider it merely symbolic, and others who find it pointless, or worse. [Read more…]

Sex & Fessenjoon, 2012


It has been so long, and I wanted to say:

It’s not you, it’s me.

Really, work has swallowed me whole sorta. and its making me all sorts of LOOPY– like the other day, I watched 13 going on 30 all by myself (I hate chick flicks) and cried. Or that I spent Sunday shopping for limited edition Disney DVDs? Farrah says it might be because my life hasn’t been very emotional lately– and I think that is code for: its about that time for a douchebag to break my heart again.

Anyway, my sincerest apologies to you joonies, for my cold absence.  And if thats not enough, please accept this amazing Calvin Harris song– after writing this post, I’ll be dancing naked to it in my empty apartment. #baller

And I hope all the people out on the East Coast ( and NJ–where I grew up)– are keeping safe. I know there are many ways to help in the relief effort, but even if you have only two minutes– text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.

Now I’m not going to assume that all you joonies are reading from the land of the free, home of the brave– Amrika. But its a big day tomorrow– Election Day 2012, OBAMA VS. ROMNEY. Fight to the death.

Just kidding. Although I’d pay-per-view that any day.

I think Elections are exciting. I was 15 when I worked on my first campaign, going from house to house– “canvassing”.  I couldn’t wait to vote, and when 2008 came around, I made my way to the polls and kept the “I Voted!” sticker as a souvenir.

Call me sentimental, call me idealistic, but I still believe voting is empowering. [Read more…]

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